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1. Chicken Soup $2.50
2. Lentil Soup $2.50
3. Coconut Soup Made with shredded coconut, coconut cream and milk  $2.50

 All of our breads are baked fresh to your order.
1. Tandoori Roti Wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor  $2.25      
2. Chapathi Wheat flour bread cooked on griddle   $2.25
3. Naan Plain unfloured bread made in tandoor $1.99
4. Paratha Multi-layered whole wheat flour bread cooked with vegetable oil $2.50      
5. Aloo Paratha Whole wheat flour bread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes $2.99
6. Poori(2) Whole wheat puffed bread deep fried in vegetable oil  $2.99     
7. Garlic Naan Naan bread stuffed with fresh garlic, cilantro, and seasoning  $2.65
8. Onion Kulcha Spicy and hot bread stuffed with onions  $2.65       
9. Paneer Kulcha Naan stuffed with mildly spiced cottage cheese $2.99
10. Aloo Naan Naan stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes  $2.65
11. Chicken Naan Naan stuffed with broiled chicken pieces $2.99
12. Kashmiri Naan Soft white bread stuffed with raisins, cashews and coconut $2.99
13. Bread Basket A combination of Naan, Garlic Naan and Aloo Naan .$6.50
Tandoori Specialties
 All Entrees Served with Rice.                              
1. Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in yogurt with freshly ground spices and lemon juice grilled in tendoor .$10.99
2. Chicken Tikka Tender boneless pieces of chicken breast flavored with spices and grilled to perfection $11.99
3. Chicken Seekh Kabab Finger rolls of ground chicken, spiced with fresh ginger  $11.99 
4. Tandoori Fish Marinated pieces of swordfish roasted on skewer in tandoor $14.99
5. Tandoori Shrimp Jumbo shrimp seasoned with fresh spices and herbs, grilled in the tandoor $15.99 
6. Tandoori Mixed Grill A delicious combination of chicken, lamb, seekh kabab and shrimp $15.99 
Chicken Specialties
 (Add mushrooms to entree for $1.00)
1. Chicken Curry Chicken cooked with spices in a thick curry sauce $9.99
2. Chicken Vindaloo Chicken cooked in hot and spicy sauce with potatoes $10.99
3. Chicken Korma Boneless chicken cooked with cashews and raisins with a touch of cream $11.99
4. Chicken Makhani Boneless tandoori cooked in appetizing tomato and butter sauce with crushed cashews $11.99
5. Chicken Saag Tender pieces of chicken sauteed with spinach and blended with green herbs $11.99
6. Chicken Chili Boneless chicken pieces simmered in tomato sauce with seasoned bell pepper and shredded onions $11.99
7. Chicken Jalapharezi Tender pieces of chicken cooked with mixed vegetables $10.99                                                                             8. Chicken Tikka Saag Boneless marinated chicken with spinach $11.99

Goat Specialties
1. Goat Curry Goat meat on the bone cooked with gravy sauce and spices $11.99 
2. Goat Saag Goat meat on the bone with spinach and fresh spices $13.99

Lamb Delicacies
 (Add mushrooms to entree for $1.00)
1. Lamb Curry Chunks of lamb cooked with herbs and spices in gravy sauce $12.99
2. Lamb Vindaloo Lamb cooked in hot and spicy sauce with potatoes $12.99
3. Lamb Shahi Korma Lamb cooked in cream sauce with cashews and raisins $13.99          
4. Lamb Saag Tender pieces of lamb cooked with spinach and flavored with fresh spices $13.99 
5. Lamb Dal Piyaza Tender pieces of lamb cooked with onions, green peppers, spices and Dal (lentils) $13.99

Seafood Specialties
 (Add mushrooms to entree for $1.00)
1. Shrimp Curry Shrimp cooked in gravy sauce with herbs and spices $12.99
2. Shrimp Tandoori Masala Shrimp marinated in Tandoori Masala, sauteed in tomato sauce $13.99
3. Shrimp Vindaloo Shrimp cooked in hot and spicy sauce with potatoes $12.99
4. Shrimp Bhuna Shrimp cooked in specially prepared vegetables with a touch of ginger and garlic $13.99
5. Shrimp Saag Shrimp cooked with spinach and flavored with fresh spices $13.99                                                                                    6. Shrimp Korma Shrimp cooked in cream sauce with cashews and raisins $13.99                                                                                      7. Fish Curry Swordfish cooked with fresh spices in our thick curry sauce $12.99
8. Fish Makhani Marinated pieces of swordfish toasted on skewer and cooked in tomato and butter sauce with mild spices. $13.99
House Recommendations
No substitutions allowed. Not available with any coupons or discount offers.
1. Vegetarian Thali  $14.99.
A traditional Indian meal served in silver platter with Vegetable Samosa, Nav Ratan Shahi Korma, Saag Paneer, Dal, Rice, Raitha, Naan, Kheer (dessert).
2. Non-Vegetarian Thali $15.99
A traditional Indian meal served in silver platter with Chicken Pakora, Lamb Curry, Chicken Curry, Tandoori Chicken, Dal, Rice, Raitha. Naan, Kheer (dessert).
Vegetarian Selections
 All entrees 8 thru 17 can be made vegan at your request. (Add mushrooms to entree for $1.00)
1. Saag Paneer Spinach cooked with homemade cheese and fresh spices $10.99
2. Mattar Paneer Fresh homemade cottage cheese cooked gently with tender green peas and fresh spices $10.99
3. Nav Ratan Shahi Korma 9 assorted garden fresh vegetables sauteed in fresh herbs with cashews and raisins $10.50
4. Aloo Saag Potato cubes cooked in spinach and cream $9.99
5. Malai Kotta Mashed garden fresh vegetable balls cooked in a rich gravy and mildly spiced $10.99
6. Paneer Masala Tender chunks of homemade cheese cooked with tomato and butter sauce $11.50
7. Punjabi Bhaji Deep fried fresh vegetable fritters, simmered in ginger, garlic and tomato sauce $9.99
8. Paneer Chilli Homemade cheese cubes with bell peppers, onions & tomatoes $11.99                                                                             9. Mushroom Saag Fresh mushrooms cooked in spinach with fresh spices $10.99
10. Mattar Mushrooms Tender mushrooms and green peas cooked with tomatoes, spices and cream  $9.99
11. Dal Makhani Lentils flavored with freshly ground spices and sauteed in cream  $8.50
12. Chana Masala A North Indian specialty subtly flavored chick peas tempered with ginger and garlic $9.50
13. Aloo Gobhi Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices $10.99
14. Aloo Mattar Fresh green peas, cooked in a spiced sauce with potatoes $9.50
15. Baingan Bhartha Grilled eggplant cooked with onion, tomatoes and fresh herbs $11.50
16. Bhindi Masala Garden fresh okra cooked with garlic, ginger and cilantro $11.50
17. Vegetable Jalapharezi Fresh vegetables cooked with spices in slightly tangy sauce $9.50
18. Aloo Choley Chick peas and potatoes prepared North Indian style $9.50                                                                                            19. Aloo Vindaloo Potatoes cooked in a hot and spicy sauce $8.99
 20.Chana Saag Spinach cooked with chick peas and spices $10.99                                                                                                             
21. Mixed Vegetables Fresh vegetables cooked with spices and a touch of curry sauce $9.99




Chefs Specials
(Add mushrooms to entree for $1.00)
1.Chicken Tikka Masala  $11.99
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt and spices, roasted on the skewer, sauteed in tomato and butter sauce.
2. Paneer Shahi Korma  $11.50
Homemade cheese cooked with nuts and a touch of cream in fresh herbs and spices.
3. Chicken Bhuna Tender pieces of chicken cooked with onions, green peppers and spices $11.99
4. Lamb Bhuna Cubes of lamb cooked with fresh-cut tomatoes, bell pepper and onions $13.99
Rice Specialties (Basmati)
1. Vegetable Biryani Classic Muglai dish of curried vegetables in rice $10.99
2. Chicken Biryani Classic Muglai dish of curried chicken in rice $11.99
3  Lamb Biryani Classic Muglai dish of curried lamb in rice $13.99
4. Shrimp Biryani  Classic Muglai dish of curried shrimp in rice and simmered in ginger, garlic and fresh coriander $13.99
5. House Special Biryani Our special biryani cooked with chicken, lamb, shrimp, paneer and vegetables $14.99
6. Plain Basmati Rice $1.99
7. Goat Biryani Rice cooked with goat meat, herbs, and curry sauce $13.99

Zaika, Accompaniments
1. Pappad Crisp lentil wafers $1.25
2. Green Salad $2.25
3. Raitha Crisp yogurt with cucumbers and chopped tomatoes $1.99
4. Pickles   Imported mixed pickles $0.99
5. Mango Chutney   Sweet and sour mango relish $1.50
 6. Onion, Mint, or Tamrind Chutney $0.99

1. Ras Malai (2) $2.99
A dessert from Bengal made from fresh cheese in sweetened milk. Served cold with nuts.
2. Gulab Jamun (2) $2.25
A North Indian sweet made from essence of milk fried in vegetable oil and soaked in honey syrup.
3. Kheer (Rice Pudding) $2.50
A famous Indian sweet made from milk and rice, flavored with nuts, raisins, and cardamon.
4. Kulfee Homemade ice cream with milk and nuts $2.9
5. Mango Kulfee   Homemade mango ice cream $3.25
6. Mango Pudding   Homemade mango pudding mixed with assorted fruits $2.99
7. Vanilla Ice Cream  $2.50                                                                                                                                                                           8. Gajar Halva Sweet carrots cooked with ricotta cheese $2.99
1. Lassi   Refreshing yogurt drink sweetened with rose water or salted with crushed cumin seeds $2.25
2. Mango Lassi   Chilled sweet mangoes blended with fresh homemade yogurt $2.50
3. Aam Ras   Chilled sweet mango juice $2.25
4. Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Soft Drinks, Milk $1.60
5. Special Tea   Freshly brewed with cardamon spices and milk  $1.50

Beer (Wine and liquor also available!)

Indian Beers  Domestic Beers    Import Beers   Micro Beers 
Taj Mahal 22 oz...$6.75    Corona...$3.25 Samuel Adams...$3.50 
Flying Horse 22 oz...$6.75  Miller Light...$2.75      
Kingfisher...$3.75 BudLight...$2.75    
  Haywards 5000 22oz...$6.75

Notes From Management (Please Read)

  • If you prefer food spiced (mild, medium, hot or extra hot) please let your server know.
  • Rice is served with every entree. Extra rice will have a charge of $1.00.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any customer we feel is too intoxicated.
  • New India Restaurant reserves the right to charge 15% gratuity on all parties of 4 or more.
  • We at New India Restaurant value you as a customer. If you are not satisfied with the food or service, we will make it right.
  • We also cater for private parties.
All appetizers served with Mint, Tamarind and Onion Chutney.
1. Vegetable Samosa (2) Crisp pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes $2.99
2. Vegetable Pakora (S) Fritters of assorted fresh vegetables gently seasoned and deep-fried $2.99
3. Aloo Tikki (2) Mashed potato patties dipped in batter, then fried $2.50
4. Paneer Pakora Pieces of homemade cheese, dipped in chick-pea batter and deep fried $4.99
5. Onion Bhaji Deep fried onion fritters $2.99
6. Chicken Pakora Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices and batter fried $4.99
7. Chicken Tikka Tender boneless pieces of chicken breast flavored with spices and grilled to perfection $6.99
8. Vegetarian Platter Assorted vegetable appetizers $6.50
9. House Special Platter Combo of all above appetizers including Chicken Tikka $7.50

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